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Deal Extended!

Posted on by Woollards of Mildenhall


The incredible Bosch Flexinduction pan offer has been extended!

If you’re not sure about an induction hob, or if you don’t know what they are! Here is a little bit of information about them,

Pros of an Induction hob

Instant Adjustment 

To serious cooks, the most important favorable point about induction cookers is that you can adjust the cooking heat instantly and with great precision.

Zero Heat Wastage (cooler kitchens!)

With induction cooking, energy is supplied directly to the cooking vessel by the magnetic field; thus, almost all of the source energy gets transferred to that vessel. With gas or conventional electric cookers (including halogen), the energy is first converted to heat and only then directed to the cooking vessel, with a lot of that heat going to waste heating up your kitchen.


The stovetop stays cool: that means no burned fingers or hands, for you or especially for any small children in the household.


Not every home actually has a gas pipeline available to it, for many the only “gas” option is propane, with the corollary (and ugly, space-taking, potentially hazardous) propane tank and regular refill visits. But everyone has clean, silent, ever-present electricity.


Burning gas has byproducts that are vaporized, but eventually condense on a surface somewhere in the vicinity of the cooktop. Electrical cooking of any kinds eliminates such byproducts.

Cons of an Induction hob

Unfortunately you have to buy new, magnetic pans to cook with as induction only supplies heat to magnetic sources. Luckily, that’s not an issue with this pan set offer, is it?

Offer now ends 31st December 2014, visit our showroom for more information regarding the offer, alternatively email or call us on: sales@woollards.co.uk | 01638 718023